Underground Railroad*

Hidden away underground,

Essentially held tied and bound.

Silenced, threatened, invisible.


Wait - dreamers are dancers, improvising.

Mental pirouettes and plies

Allow escape to arabesque days.


Hope is a powerful choreographer

Staging scenes for a future dance,

Crafting encores from risk and chance.


Hidden away underground,

But the mind really not

Tied and bound.

Selected Poems by HCJH


   Traded Places; Traded Views*

The sunset glazed

A plum pink cast

On Lake Michigan

Under a water blue sky

Paisleyed with coral cloud.

Each became the other,

Illuminated, majestic

And then back again.

Sky and Lake Michigan,

Lake Michigan and sky.

        -- Poem and painting first published in the Blue Heron Review, Issue 2 Summer/2014


*Indicates associated painting in the Art Portfolio.

       The Hunting Horn*

Sound the horn,

hail the hounds,

the hunt is underway.

Sound the horn, hail, hail,

a herald to the horses,

the hunt is underway.

Hear the mystical horn

drift and carry, horses thunder, hounds bay.

Hear the sonorous horn,

wild, royal, signal of morn.

Listen to the hunting horn

ride the wind to call the day.

Hail, hail, the hunt is underway.

Heidi is the author of 2 poetry chapbooks, "Magic Lamp, Pillar and Comet" and "Memory Echoes."  Please go to the Poetry Chapbooks page for more information.  Both are available in paperback:  Magic Lamp, Pillar and Comet and Memory Echoes.

         Mazarine Air

I've seen Panther Peak a thousand times,

But once, it wore a strand of cloud

Beneath a dove sky-ocean,

Wind turning light gray air to mazarine.

On windswept days,

Our heart cares

For scattered sparrows

Whilst our soul can fly with them.

Rare rain

Regales the Sonoran in green.

Fly with the sparrows

In air of mazarine.

          -- Poem published in  the "We Are Beat Anthology," National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. by Local Gems Press, NY, 2019. 


How is yesterday remembered?

​     A thought written down,

     An image captured,

​     A stanza replayed.

A Rosetta Scroll for memory.

​"Once upon a time, when people still believed in magic, they gave their art to the ages.  Later ages study those arts to see back in time as if by magic."

                          -Translation of Phoenician script                                       from Rosetta Scroll, oil painting.

Certain arts endure.

​Left; behind or because?

​A record, a story, a message?

So then ancient yesterdays are interpreted for           remembrance.

Our way to "know" a people.

Our history or theirs?

       True Ghost

Envision a floating apparition

Gliding along a paneled hall.

With only candles to see by,

Black lace traced silhouettes

Tango on the wooden wall.

Envision an ebony mourning dress

And black lace mantilla

Streaming over raven satin hair.

Black lace traced silhouettes

Tango on a wooden chair.

Only candles to see by,

But if seen by enough of you,

Then those lace traced silhouettes

And that gossamer ghost

​Become true.

         -- Poem published in "13 Days of Halloween Spooky Fiction and Poetry, 2018 Edition" by Local Gems Press, NY, 2018.

Heidi C.J.Hallett

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          Horicon Marsh*

Chicory blue sky at the edges

Arcing up to a Bluebell vault.

A background of bird calls and wind

Hints at the expanse within.

A hidden habitat explored

Via a glittering trail

Bordered by Black Willow and Cottonwood

Amongst endless cat tails.

Quick glimpses of swallows, blackbirds, and waxwings

With flyovers by herons, cormorants, and pelicans.

Each an ambassador

Of how many, one can only wonder.

    Cleopatra VII (69 BCE - 30 BCE)*

Pearls for diamonds

Pharaohs for kings

Isis for Athena and Aphrodite

A world away,

The rest held in awe and sway.

Where cats reign supreme

Surpassed only by the Goddess Queen.

And still we search over 2,000 years

For her hopes and dreams and thoughts and fears.

     Modern Mermaid

When manatees were mermaids,

Mermaids were once

Iridescent and mysterious,

A haunting wisp of sea-tale.

But manatees were found,

And our ancient mermaid lost.

No more shining mystery,

Or silken hair, or sparkle fish tail.

How about then a modern mermaid?

Liaison in place of siren

With bronzed hair and a dolphin tail,

Or a soothing voice, or wild white wings -

Or whatever it takes to touch base

​And bridge space.

         -- Poem published in the "5th Year Anniversary Bards Against Hunger Anthology" by Local Gems Press, NY, 2017.

      Ocean Vision*

At the beach,

I run and play and splash

And carry-on,

But you would notice that

In amongst it all,

I spend a lot of time

Looking out at sea,

Scanning the horizon,

Staring at nothing

That you can see.

I could be watching for a ship,

Or just marveling at the ocean,

But it's so much more than that.

You see, way out there,

Under that seagull

About twenty feet down,

There are a couple of dolphins

Swimming playfully.

And way over there,

Under that wave

Down at the bottom,

There's a sunken galleon

With hidden treasure.

And all the way out there,

On the horizon

Under that cloud,

There's a blue whale

Resting peacefully.

Prove to me there isn't.

​Taawa (Native American, Hopi) = Sun

Living from October

Wood, hide, adobe walls

Respecting different gods

Harboring similar hopes.

Content eyes until

The unknown of foreign ways slips.

Certainty comes

Igniting ancient eyes.

Experience blends and

Eyes start to see

Why snow falls.

But a fierce fire

Burning with potential

Still smolders.

Winter came quickly

And lasted long,

But heat with time

Gradually melts snow and ice.

If not to summer,

At least to a spring.

         -- Poem published in "Poets to Come, A Poetry Anthology in Celebration of Walt Whitman's Bicentennial" by Local Gems Press, NY, 2019.