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"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."    - Mahatma Gandhi

ARTIST'S statement

Heidi C.J.Hallett

Some works are available for purchase.  If interested, please feel free to inquire.

If you want to see more works, please browse my Art Portfolio and Poetry pages.

      Creative expression through the arts of painting and poetry is my way to explore and collaborate with the world.  I enjoy creating art inspired by history, culture, stories, books, or poems.  Art derived from these sources brings the material alive in a new and exciting way, and it preserves an idea or memory that might have otherwise been lost.  I enjoy painting landscapes as well to capture the light and resonance evoked by a moment in time.  I am fascinated by the way a painting can give us a window into our world or a glimpse into the past. 

       Art makes us think of things differently, or see something in a new way, or realize the beauty or significance in something that we just took for granted before.  It reminds us to be mindful of our world, both its past and present times.